I’m a Running Mama!

January 1, 2016 – I’ve been running for 13 years. Running has become a way to connect with nature (I love running outside), to be alone with my thoughts and most recently a connection with other running mamas (I ‘discovered’ MRTT this summer & I love them as friends & accountability partners!!).

As a bonus, my husband is a lifelong runner & running has become a great way to spend time connecting with him as we model the importance of fitness and outdoor activity to our children.

The name of the blog RunUrOwnRace has become my mantra. This is the phrase my husband says to me before each race. I love the mantra since it (re)focuses me on being the Best Liz at that moment in time – I don’t race others, I don’t race the clock, I am focused on being the best Liz PERIOD!

unnamed (1)

My blog will show my success & overcoming obstacles on my 2016 Fitness Plan journey. My goals are numerous & fluid – I think they need to be in a sport where your body is the main instrument and it dictates how much you can do.

One main change this year will be less road races & more training. Last year, I did 30+ road races & 3 trail races but I struggled with big improvements on my pace time, which upon reflection, was due to a lack of consistent training & a terrible sweet-tooth. 

My 2016 fitness plan

My weekly blog post will capture my progress & I’m sure will include some (mis)adventures in training/racing from the past week. I hope to connect with other like-minded fitness folks in the process so we too can support/motivate each other, perhaps run together (we can always do a Virtual Race!) & hold each other accountable on our running journey. 

Our Team: Just for the Run of It! #RagnarDC

Happy New Year & RunUrOwnRace! Liz

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