Sometimes You Need a Kick in the Butt!

January 4, 2016

So, I’ve committed to do “2,016 miles in 2016” – week ONE down and success!!! 10 miles completed in 3 days, I’m on-track.

Day 1: Bundled up the kids and took them out with us. One-quarter of a mile in I say to my husband, Tony “let’s just do a mile…the kids must be cold!” Like a good accountability partner he looked at me like I was half-crazy and said, “NO! The kids are nice and warm, we said we’d do 3 miles, let’s go!” And so it went, we did a 5k route we’ve done since we moved here Thanksgiving weekend and I was uninspired.

Day 1- Lesson

Day 2: Tony took the kids to a Navy basketball game so I was on my own today…thankfully I didn’t need a kick in the butt. Did intervals, nothing special, didn’t break any speed records but I did it! 3 more miles completed!

Day 2- Lesson (2)

Day 3: I have more than one accountability partner – thankfully! Today, I a walked with a new friend Jenn. We live in the same neighborhood and she’s the second local member to join the Kent Island MRTT group, which I started in December (I live on Kent Island – the Eastern Shore of Maryland). I’m going with the Field of Dreams premise, if you build it they will come, therefore I’m confident word will get out & more women runners/walkers on KI will join.

We did a 4 mile loop on the Kent Island South Trail. The view the entire way was beautiful! Unlike the route my husband & I had been running – in the other direction – this one makes you feel like you are in a park and not walking next to a highway.

At the turnaround is the Romancoke Pier, the sun was rising as we got there what a great way to start Sunday and end the first week of my 2016 running journey. I am grateful for the conversation with Jenn, the time and miles seem to fly by when you are chatting with a friend!

Day 3- Lesson

I realize Week 1 only lasted 3 days but I’m working my plan and have been successful everyday, so far! Week 2 is underway & I’m still on-track but more on that next Monday.

Keep walking, running or moving in whatever way you is right for you. Reach out to an accountability partner for motivation (a little kick in the butt!) and plan your outfits and any necessary accessories so you can reduce any stress for in your workout/fitness routine.

I’m excited about sharing this journey with you & know there are many more lessons that will unfold in the coming days and weeks. Connect with me on social media or shoot me your blog link, I’d love to read about your running/walking or fitness journey and share our lessons while we support each other!

Run Ur Own Race, Liz



9 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need a Kick in the Butt!

  1. I love your Day 3 lesson, to run with a friend and chat the miles away! I know we haven’t been on many MRTT runs together but I don’t think I shut up when I run with people! I don’t know how we keep talking but man does it help! (It takes practice to learn to breathe/run/talk, too!)

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