It’s COLD but I’m still streaking! #2016in2016

January 12, 2016

Ok, I know we’ve had a mild winter on the East Coast. I’ve seen the pictures of snow & unbelievably cold temps from running friends in the Northwest but here it hasn’t cracked the 20s. It was in the 60s on Christmas so getting hit in the face on a windy 34 degree afternoon multiple days in a row, was t…o…u…g…h! (first world problems, for sure!) But I got out there everyday – the really cold days, yes, I complained but I bundled up and ran at least a mile. While I’m behind on my Run the Year Goal, I’m excited I’ve kept up the streak.

Week 2Lesson- Suck It Up Cupcake - It's the Winter, Bundle Up & Keep Movin'

Mid-week, I reached out to my MRTT friends asking what they wore (hat or headband) to keep their head warm during cold/windy runs. I thought perhaps I was missing some magical running hat that was super warm, light-weight, cute and reasonably priced. I found out my MRTT buds wear a variety of hats & headbands, whatever they have – nothing special. This made me feel better simply coordinating a wool hat, a ski hat and fleece head bands with my outfit for the run. It’s the little things that help you feel better and be more confident when you go out for a run especially when you go out alone.

This week, Tony & I took the kids out once but with the cold temps/winds and Jenn & I went out on Sunday but most of the days did alone. I’m not used to going out alone hence my lesson for the week – I can’t let the cold temps derail me from going more than a mile otherwise I’ll never reach my mileage goal.

My miles for the week were 14 making it 1,992 left for the year. I have 356 days left to reach my mileage goal, very attainable. The streak continues and if you’ve been following my daily profile pics on Facebook you already know I’m still going strong (thankfully!).

I look forward to reading about your running journey, what you learned and how you motivate yourself to keep moving.

Stay bundled up & #RunUrOwnRace! Liz

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