In the #Running Groove Now! #2016in2016

January 19, 2016

Week 3 is in the bag – left in the dust & it was my most successful week. And it could have been my worst.

It was too cold for Tony & I to take the kids on a run so I went alone Monday – Friday. As many motivational messages I create and post on social media, it’s still can be tough to go out there alone. But I did it – everyday.

During my runs, I used a trick I read in the most recent Runner’s World about successfully navigating strong wind. I had been digging in & lowering my head, the article says that’s a big ‘no-no’ instead loosen up and face the wind. It seems counter-intuitive but I adjusted and let the wind smack me in the face – I hope it’s building up running strength. Give it a try and we’ll see if it actually works in building running strength in preparation for different running conditions especially in a race setting.

Wk 3- Lesson #1 (1)
Reach Out to Other Runners to Stay Motivated! You Aren’t Alone!

Besides Runner’s World various Facebook groups were my virtual running partners this week. I spent evenings on the couch after the kids went to bed scrolling through the hundreds of posts where newbie through ultra walkers/runners overcame challenges of weather & health, shared inspiration and just went out there & did it. Those posts helped push me this week.

This past Sunday, my friend Jenn was sick so we didn’t get in our 4 mile walk. Luckily my mom flew in Sunday afternoon from Chicago and we ended up doing intervals on that same 4-mile course. It was pretty cool – we’d never run together before and it was a new way to connect.

Wk 3- Another Lesson
Running with My Mom, Romancoke Pier, Stevensville, MD

As I look back on the week it became ‘easy’ going once I got into the groove on Tuesday. On Thursday, I got a social media boost from Run the Edge (creators of the #2016in2016 challenge) with this tweet:

Also, as I plan my race calendar, I got together with 3 other MRTT ladies and we decided to form a relay for the Mid-Maryland Ultra 50k team name Badass Mama’s. This is my first relay & it will be good prep for the September Ragnar DC relay I’m doing with 11 other MRTT lovely’s.

Team Name: Just for the Run of It!

All in all, a great week:

  • I doubled my mileage from Weeks 1 & 2, now with 48 miles completed and 1,968 to go;
  • My 1st relay is 6 weeks away; and
  • I’m enjoying running by myself and finding motivation all around me to keep moving.

Make a plan from your fitness goals, your New Years Resolutions, whatever you are calling them and get out there (or stay inside on the track or treadmill) and make sure you #RunUrOwnRace!

Steppin’ it out on the Eastern Shore of Maryland,




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