[#BlogPost] February Highlights & Lessons

March 2, 2016

I had quite a few running highlights from February:

  • I’d completed a bit over 100 miles in January (31 days) and ended up doing the same mileage in February (29 days) – WIN! So while I’d hoped to be 20 miles further along I was able achieve more in February.
Lesson- Blog Beastmode 2.22.16
Weekend Mileage 16.83!
  • A few more Kent Island moms have come out for walks, stroller power walks & runs with me as part of the Kent Island MRTT. I’m excited to have more ladies get involved & join me on this fitness journey.
Lesson - Blog 2.22.16
Facebook Group for KI MRTT


Blog - FitMotivation 2.23.16
PUSH Yourself & Be a Better YOU Everyday!
  • Week 8 (& part of week 9 as a push to the end of February) of the #2016in2016 Challenge.
PUSH - Inspire Others - Blog 3.2.16
After a 5 mile run – Tony met me at the door & said “You inspire me!”
  • Tony’s comment surprised me – he’s a lifelong runner & doesn’t need to train to run a race. Seems like my persistence inspired him – pretty cool!
Blog Graphic - March 2, 2016
Izzy joined me for 10 miles in February
  • I ended the month on a high-note accomplishing another 100 miles!
I’m an Influencer for this new app – Download it here!
  • My next blog post will include how the app has impacted my walking/running journey. Wait for it or download it yourself here & let me know how you like it!

Remember push yourself & RunUrOwnRace!

Coach Liz

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